Wireless Internet

FallsLibrary vs. FallsLibraryPrinting
If you connect to the wireless network FallsLibrary, you won't have to log on, but you won't be able to print. If you connect to the wireless network FallsLibraryPrinting, you'll have to log on with your library card number and PIN, and you'll be able to print to the library's printers (requires some setup).

For printing, see this link: How to Use FallsLibraryPrinting

Wireless Troubleshooting

Here are a couple of problems we've seen with connecting to our wireless network and how to solve them.

1. You're prompted to enter a PIN: You don't need a PIN. You can bypass the screen that's asking you for a PIN; look for something on the screen that says "I don't have a PIN" and click on it.

2. You're prompted to enter a device ownership password: You don't need a password. We've seen this problem with Dell computers that use the Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility. The fix for this is to uninstall a part of this utility from your computer. We don't think uninstalling this will cause you any problems; however if you modify anything on your computer then you do it at your own risk. Here's how:

Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Intel Wireless > Change > Next > Modify:
Uninstall "WiFi Protected Setup" by clicking on it and choosing the red X ("this feature will not be available").

According to Intel's web site, this feature "detects when a compatible wireless router is present and provides easy connection to it."