What You'll Find in the Local History Room

Here is a sample of what you'll find in the Local History Room.


  • Histories of the library
  • Some of the books from the original Taylor Memorial collection, circa 1912

City Government

  • Reports from the city and various city departments
  • Copies of the city’s charter
  • Some minutes from meetings of the city

Organizations and Schools

  • Church histories
  • Minutes from meetings of various local organizations
  • Photos of clubs and organizations, including sports teams and scouts
  • Yearbooks, 1912 - 2006
  • A yearbook from the 1860s with photos of students and teachers of Taylor/Delano
  • School photos, with class pictures, including Crawford School


  • City Directories, 1925-1980 (some may be for Cuyahoga Falls only)
  • Book from the middle 19th century listing names of citizens, with sections covering those who served in the military, those who perished on the Sultana, and listings of people by profession/trade
  • Books pertaining to the Sill family, some of the founders of the city, and to poet Edward Rowland Sill
  • Family histories: Grubers, Mickleys, Hanfords, Milfords, Currens/Crawfords, Kuncklers, Pascoe/Scheid/Maunus, Welty, Carters, Smith/Ferguson


  • Cuyahoga Falls Historic building survey, compiled by the Historic Building Preservation Committee of the Historical Society. There is an index for this book in a card catalog drawer, where you can look up an address to find the name of the original owner, how it was constructed and sometimes some information about the original occupants.
  • Lot record book, a journal of lots and their owners in 1830s and 1850s
  • Land grants

Maps and Atlases

  • 19th century atlases that include Cuyahoga Falls
  • Other maps


  • Histories of Cuyahoga Falls
  • Histories of Summit County that include Cuyahoga Falls
  • Oral histories

Other Photos

  • The river, the falls, and the city (back into the 19th century)
  • Local amusement parks, Gaylord’s Grove and High Bridge Glens
  • The city’s Centennial and Sesquicentennial parades and activities
  • Doodlebug train accident
  • Mountain Line train accident
  • Natural disasters, including the flood of 1913
  • Summit County Historical Society calendar pages
  • Panoramic photos of the city


  • Sheet music, including "High Bridge Glens March"
  • Articles concerning city activities
  • Information about Vaughn Machinery, Walsh Mills and other mills along the river, including some of the company record books
  • Articles, photos and other information about the Staybolt Company
  • Articles about Mary Campbell’s Cave and histories of the child "kidnapped" by Indians
  • The Civil War diary and military papers of Amos Wills
  • Civil War histories of units, discharge papers, roster lists, and more