Tutorials and Cheat Sheets for Microsoft Office

Here are a few resources you can use to become more familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, and the other programs in the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Office Online
The Help and How-To section of Office Online (from Microsoft) has links on the left column to all kinds of training, demos, getting started guides, and more. Here are some useful links within that.

Up to Speed with Word 2007
This is a good one to help you get to know how the new Word works. They say it takes 30-40 minutes.

Up to Speed with the Office 2007 System
20-30 minutes

Other Free Online Courses from Microsoft
Word 2007
All Office Programs

There are some good tutorial videos on YouTube. Search for "Microsoft Word 2007 tutorial" or other phrases.

Cheat Sheets
Custom Guide has a number of quick reference documents for Office 2007 and other software.