Still Using Featured Lists?

If you're used to finding lists of on-order and new titles by using Featured Lists in our classic catalog, you might not have seen our new lists, which you can find in the "books & more" section of our web site. Here's a comparison of the two.

(Don't worry, you can still go to the Featured Lists.)

On-Order / Recently-Ordered

Each of the eight lists includes everything that's on order in that category.

The new lists give you a few more categories, arranged by date ordered so you can easily find the most recent entries, with up to 100 titles on each list.

New Materials

The old-style lists have new adult DVDs and new children's DVDS.

The new lists bring you dozens of categories, arranged by date added so you can easily find the most recent entries, with up to 50 titles on each list.

Lists of Movies (and More)

The "Featured Lists" used to include lists of all DVDs, but now you have something better. The new lists (below) give you the same thing and more: They allow you to limit the list to available items or re-sort the list by date or title, and we've added lists of Playaways and Children's CD-ROMs.

Most Popular Titles

The Featured Lists doesn't have this, but you can see lists of the most popular titles at the library in dozens of categories: