If all the copies of a title are checked out, you can place a reserve on it. You can also place a reserve on new titles as soon as we order them. You can reserve any kind of item except magazines.

When Your Reserves Are Ready
When something that you've reserved is ready for you to pick up, we will place it on the self-service pick-up shelves by the checkout desk, and you will receive a phone call or an email [link to notices]. If you would like, you can call ahead and arrange to pick up your reserves at the express pick-up window. The item will be on the pick-up shelf for 3 days, including the day the item is placed on the pick-up shelf. (Days that the library is closed do not count.) After this time, the item will go to the next person on the reserve list, or if nobody else is waiting it will be placed back on the regular shelves for anyone to check out.

Freezing Your Reserves
If you're going out of town, or for some other reason you don't want some or all of your reserves becoming available for a certain time, you can freeze your reserves.

Canceling Your Reserves
If you placed a reserve on a title but later decide that you don't want it, you can cancel the reserve. This is a good thing to do because people who are behind you in the reserve list will get that title faster.

You can have as many as 99 titles reserved at a time.