Removable Media: Flash Drives, Memory Cards, Discs

The computers provide for a variety of media:

USB Flash Memory Drives
Also called Jump Drives, Thumb Drives, etc., these can be plugged into the front of the computer or the left-hand side of the monitor. Flash drives are compact, fast, and hold a lot of data. We sell flash memory drives at the Circulation Desk for $7.

Memory Cards
The computers have four slots for a variety of memory cards used in cameras and other devices.
Upper left:

  • SM (SmartMedia)
  • xD Picture Card

Lower left:

  • CF (Compact Flash)
  • MD (Microdrive)

Upper right:

  • SD and miniSD (Secure Digital)
  • MMC (MultiMediaCard) and RS-MMC (Reduced-Size MMC)

Lower right:

  • MS, MS-PRO, MS-Duo (Memory Stick)

CDs and DVDs
The computers can read CDs and DVDs. Sorry, we don't allow watching DVDs on the computers.

Floppy Disks
The floppy disk has been on the endangered species list for many years. The computers do not have built-in floppy disk drives, but a small number of portable floppy drives will be available at the Reference and Children's desks - these can be plugged into the USB ports on the computers. We recommend using flash memory drives instead of floppies. Floppy disks are highly sensitive to dust, condensation temperature extremes, static electricity, and magnetic fields. Floppy disk drives are also very error-prone and have no built-in fault tolerance. We sell flash drives at the Circulation Desk for $7.