Navigating the Web Site

The new web site has several features to help you find your way around, or "navigate," the site.

Blue Navigation Bar
Near the top of each page are the top-level categories, "books & more," "find information," "about us," and "help." Everything on the site is under one of these four headings, except for special sections for kids, teens, and seniors, and there are links to these three on the right side of the navigation bar.

Bread Crumbs
On any page other than the home page you'll see "bread crumbs," links just below the blue navigation bar that tell you where you are in the structure of the site. For example, on the <link>Reserves</link> page, you see that this page is under "Checkout Policies," which is under "About us," which is under the "Home" page.

Navigation Box on the Left
On any page other than the home page you'll see a box on the left with links to pages "under" the current page as well as other pages in the same main category, allowing you to jump easily to other pages.

Child Pages
If a web page (other than the home page) has any pages "below" it in the site, these are listed below the main content of the page.

Site Search
Can't find what you want on the web site? At the top of every page is a search box - just type your search there and you'll see a list of pages that include the words you typed. (You can also use this box to search the Ohio Web Library</link> or the library catalog.

Site Map
If you want to see a list of every page on the web site, scroll to the bottom of any page and click on "Site Map." You can read, through this list, or use the "find" feature of your web browser (under the "Edit" menu, or just hold down the control key and type an "F") to find a word or phrase in this list.