Kinds of Notices

Courtesy Notices
A courtesy notice is a notification that something is going to be due soon. You will receive a courtesy notice the day before an item is due. You can receive courtesy notices only by email, not by phone.

Overdue Notices
You'll receive up to two overdue notices. For 3- and 7-day loans, you'll get notices 2 and 7 days after the due date; for everything else you'll get notices 7 and 14 days after. You will receive overdue notices by either email or phone.

If your library materials are four weeks overdue (or 2 weeks for DVDs and Blu-rays), we will mail you a bill for the replacement cost of the items. For more information, see Billed Items and Materials Recovery Service.

Reserve Pickup Notices
You will receive a pickup notice when an item you have placed on reserve is available for you to pick up. The notice will include the last date that you can pick up your item before it moves on to the next patron in the reserves list or is returned to the shelf. You will receive reserve pickup notices by either email or phone.

Reserve Cancellation Notices
You will receive a notice when either (1) the pickup date has passed on a reserved item that was being held for you, (2) a reserve you placed a while back never became available, or (3) an item you requested through SearchOhio or OhioLINK is not available. You can receive reserve cancellation notices only by email.

Recall Notices
It doesn't happen often, but sometimes an OhioLINK library will need to get an item back sooner than expected in order to put it on reserve for a class. When this happens you will receive a recall notice asking you to return the item before the due date.