What is Encore?
Encore is the latest interface to our library catalog. It features:

  • A simple starting point - just type in your search terms and go.
  • Many options for refining your search, by format (book, DVD, etc.), availability, subject heading ("tag"), and more
  • Suggested titles ("popular choices") that match your search
  • A better spell-check feature than in the Classic Catalog

Do I have to capitalize my search, or type the author last-name-first?
No - Encore is very flexible.

Are my search results in some kind of order?
Yes. The default sort is relevance, but you can change the sort by clicking on Title or Date (publication date, most recent first) under the orange bar. The relevance sort works like this: Titles are grouped into relevance categories based on things like which fields your search terms were found in, if they were found together or separated, etc. Within those categories they are sorted by publication year, most recent first. Before the first title in each relevance category you'll see a cell-phone bar icon and, in parentheses, the numbers of the records in that category (like 1-23).

How can I find titles by a famous person and not about him or her?
If you search for a famous author like Mark Twain, but all you see on the top of the list is books about Mark Twain, just click on "Author" on the left, under "Refine by: Search Found In."

What are those different-sized words on the lower right?
That's a "tag cloud," something you see on other web sites. In this case, the "tags" are the subject headings of items that match your search. The bigger the words, the more items in your results have that subject heading. You can click on a tag to narrow your search. These tags can help you get at precisely the items you want, and may lead you to things you didn't know existed.

Can I still use the old catalog?
Yes. The old interface to the library catalog is still available, called the "Classic Catalog."

Does Encore search a different library database than the classic catalog?
No, they both search the same database of library materials, but Encore displays the information in a way that better leverages the rich data contained in our records.