On the left site of our home page you'll see a few upcoming events for adults. If you click the "calendar" link at the bottom of this list you'll see a longer list, with descriptions, and if you click on the "calendar" link at the bottom of any of those events you'll be taken to the full calendar.

If you're on the kids or teen home pages you'll see something similar - upcoming events for kids or teens, with links to a longer list, with links to the full calendar.

The full calendar gives you a month-at-a-time view. You can skip to the next month or the previous month by clicking on the » and « beside the month and year, and you can click on the name of an event to see a description . Use the drop-down "filter" feature to see events only for adults, kids, or teens, and then use the "view all" link to switch back to all events. You can also change the view to week, day, table, or list (we like "month" the best).